The benefits for your authority

We know that local government wants change, we understand your ambitions and challenges.

We also know the severity and likely duration of austerity, alongside increasing demand for services, means you need to raise your sights, even when grappling with limited options. This requires an approach that shifts from traditional cost reduction to delivering outcomes in a more efficient and effective way.

Introducing Evolve LRG by Pythagoras - a digital platform designed specifically for Local and Regional Government, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The extendable and future-proof system pulls​ disparate data together, simplifies communications, business processes​ and reduces ongoing system costs.​

Six benefits Evolve LRG brings to your authority


Improve service levels and trust with your customers

Deliver a connected view of each customer across all of your service channels. This transparent environment connects your customers to their service requests and the steps being taken by the council to resolve them.

Maximise productivity with mobile working

Spend more time delivering services to the community by reducing the need to report back to base. This ability to work on the go saves desk space, time and money.

Drive significant savings while reducing pressure on council services

Encourage customers to use more effective communication channels with the council, such as self-service portals and bots. Enabling intelligent positioning of resources to areas that need it most.

Unlock new revenue opportunities in the council

Maximise the use of council assets to generate new revenue streams and community engagement. Promote the use of chargeable council services by providing an online platform for booking, scheduling and payment.

Equip the council with a platform for the future

Build a scalable and future-proof platform that easily enables the introduction of future technologies that continue to improve service levels and efficiency (e.g. bots, and artificial intelligence).

Empower staff to make informed decisions

Real-time dashboards and predictive analytics allow you to see the impact of decisions before you make them. Customised reporting gives council staff instant insight when looking to prioritise issues.

Showcasing Evolve LRG

Demonstrating some of the benefits Evolve LRG brings to a typical councillor and member of staff.


“Digital transformation is about adapting to the impact of digital in the real world; to give people what they need, when & where they need it, in the way they most prefer. By working with Pythagoras, we have been able to continue our transformation strategy to move processes online, save costs, and deliver a better service to our customers”

James Rolfe

Executive Director for Finance, Resources and Customer Services
London Borough of Enfield