London Borough of Enfield

Digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 produces savings of up to £25M per annum

The London Borough of Enfield -one of thirty-two Boroughs making up the capital- is also one of the city’s largest, most diverse and innovative.

As one of 353 English Local Government Councils, Enfield Councils serves an estimated population of 328,433 (2015). As a London Borough, it employs 3,290 people (as of June 2017).

The Enfield 2017 initiative is a transformation project designed to overhaul the way that services are delivered to the citizens of Enfield. The key driver behind the project is to reduce the cost of delivering services to customers, by enabling customer self-service via the council’s website.

Pythagoras has built a platform for the solution based upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics portal.

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“We estimate savings of between £20-£25M and are well on our way to achieving that.”

The benefits for the authority


£20-£25M estimated savings

The London Borough of Enfield estimates significant savings with the Digital Transformation program.

40% reduction in staffing overhead

Automation of back-office processing has enabled staff to be more productive and a reduction in staffing overhead.

Citizen self-service

The customer connect portal enables citizens to transact and self-serve with the borough across a variety of service areas 24/7.

Drive additional revenue through council assets

The ability for more efficient use of building space has enabled new revenue streams.

“We are able to automate much of the back office processing and that has enabled us to achieve a 40% reduction in staffing overhead.”

Sally McTernan

Assistant Director of Customer Services
London Borough of Enfield

The benefits for the community


Connect communities and like-minded citizens

Online forums within the citizen portal can bring together those with similar interests to the benefit of communities. For example, potential foster parents can be connected to existing foster parents for information and advice.

Communicate business grants and potential to new investors

Connected digital channels enable communication to organisations around the benefits of moving or expanding in the area. Grants and incentives can be highlighted, and business owners can network online.

Services delivered on-demand to citizens

Citizens can schedule online a time for white goods to be collected for rubbish at a cost. This improves the image of the local area, improves collection productivity, drives additional revenue for the council and keeps citizens happy.

Staff serving the community, not desk-bound

Automation and workflow ensures manual tasks and processes are eliminated. Staff consigned to their desks can now be set free to help provide proactive support to the community.

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