The benefits for your customers

Your customers are ready to embrace innovation.

Their expectation of customer service has been set by their experiences with organisations in the private sector. They want to become less dependent on traditional communication and find answers on their own. They also expect you to operate as one, providing consistent service delivery across multiple channels at a time that suits them.

Introducing Evolve LRG by Pythagoras - an intelligent digital platform designed specifically for Local and Regional Government, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This intuitive solution provides customers with the ability to self-serve, and the tools to facilitate collective knowledge sharing and participation within the local community.​

Six benefits Evolve LRG brings to your customers


Drive customer self-service 24/7 via your own online customer account

Register and manage your own personal and family profile with the authority. Order and pay for services easily and quickly using familiar basket methods.

Deliver a personalised and informed experience across all networks and touchpoints

With your account details completed, know that all interactions with the council, whether communicating online, via the telephone or face to face will be informed and personalised to you. Each interaction helps build an evolving picture about you and your family, enabling the council to intelligently surface appropriate services relevant to you.

Provide real-time service request updates

View your pending service requests and receive real-time updates about the steps the authority is taking. Respond easily to requests for further information to ensure issues and support cases quickly resolved.

Encourage and enable community participation through online networks and forums

Give citizens a platform to share and promote ideas and events with the council and their local community. Increased transparency with your citizens drives community inclusion and promotes a sense of pride and ownership about important council decisions and initiatives.

Report and update cases using your mobile, anytime, anywhere

Whether it's a pot hole or a missed bin collection, you can easily alert the council to the location and severity of the issue when you spot it on your own device. Automation ensures your case is routed to the appropriate team for review.

Create a digital community of care to support those that need it most

Enable customers to regain and maintain independence by increasing awareness of community activities. Easy to use online applications provide citizens, their family and carers with a collaborative way to update and request services.

Showcasing Evolve LRG

Demonstrating some of the social benefits Evolve LRG brings to a customer and the wider community.