6 things to consider when planning a new project

Without executive support, your transformation is going to fail

The first thing you need to do if you are thinking about transformation, is making sure you have that executive support. If you can go higher than the executive into the Councillors then do, but have someone who can champion what you are doing.


Most organisations have different moving parts and it is about getting all those parts working together. Make sure that you are not just speaking to customer services, but making sure you’re talking to customer services and waste management; customer services and whoever else is doing the back-office processes, that’s going to be critical. So as you go forward, you are going to need to get those engagements, you are going to need to engage with those stakeholders.

Integrate, do not try to replicate

Use what you have; most of us have already invested in Microsoft products or products that do case management. It is much easier to try to integrate systems you already have, that you already know; you should try to integrate where you can.


Get everyone thinking about innovation, it is not just for those doing the digital transformation. If you look into your organisations, into the different people doing social care, they already have ideas about how they can actually move things forward and how digital can help them. Find a way of taking all that information and shaping it, allowing it to shape your digital transformation.


Where you can, make it simple; take twenty steps and make them five steps if you can.

Make use of your partners

You are not going to be able, right from the starting point, to quickly get up to where you can show something without a partner’s help. We had Pythagoras and within four months, we went from a standing start to having replaced our existing CRM product that had been there for ten years that people had tried to change about three times before. Get your partners in; develop your own internal team as you are working with your partner, so you have the capability as you go forward.

Ian Robson

Business Development Manager - Public Sector | Pythagoras