We are delighted to invite local authorities to a digital transformation roundtable on July 25th in the boardroom of The Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground.

Hosted by Pythagoras, attendees will hear transformation stories from Nadira Hussain (Head of ICT at The London Borough of Enfield) and Ben Goward (CIO at Westminster City Council) as well as seeing the latest updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Evolve LRG, Pythagoras's product for Local Government, designed to accelerate cost reduction and digital service delivery with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Upon the conclusion of the roudtable attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the remainder of the roses match between Lancashire and Yorkshire in the County Championship from the exclusive boardroom balcony.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 in local government

Local authorities are consolidating their systems in order to reduce complexity and cost.
The extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is making it the clear technology choice, managing hundreds of processes across authorities; from FOI requests, to blue badge applications and the scheduling of staff to resolve council issues such as fly tipping and potholes.
By integrating with other business critical systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an enhanced level of insight which can be used to produce more accurate reporting and enable councils to make more informed decisions based on real time data.

Evolve LRG: built by Pythagoras for local government

Pythagoras has packaged what we’ve learnt from our award winning digital transformations within local authorities into a platform to aid the rapid deployment and adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365. This enables local authorities to gain a faster realisation of benefits and a greater return on their investment in Microsoft technologies.
The Evolve LRG Foundation Layer converts Microsoft Dynamics 365 into a platform optimised with features and processes specifically for local authorities. This includes a Journey Designer that enables you to build and continually improve processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365, without the requirement for technical consultancy.

Who you will hear from

Nadira Hussain

Head of ICT, The London Borough of Enfield

Nadira is responsible for the delivery of the ICT Service for the council; supporting the business to deliver its key statutory and wider services and facilitating the achievement of the ambitious transformation agenda and service improvement.

Nadira will discuss the transformation programme at Enfield and how core platforms and relationships with suppliers are at the heart of delivering overall digital transformation.

Ben Goward

Chief Information Officer at Westminster City Council

Ben has worked within local government for more than 15 years and at Westminster City Council since 1993.

As CIO, Ben manages a team of in-house and outsourced IT professionals through an exciting programme of IT transformation and delivery.

Ian Robson

Local government lead, Pythagoras

Ian has worked in, or with, Local Government for all of his career, having worked at Brighton, Haringey and Croydon Councils before moving to the private sector to supply applications and solutions back into the sector for the last 26 years.

Ian has been involved with more than 30 CRM delivery projects, and now focuses on digital transformation solutions, and emerging AI technologies.

Mike Carlton

Head of Evolve, Pythagoras

Mike has been working with public sector organisations for over ten years and has delivered successful digital transformation programmes to over 15 local authorities across the UK.

A number of these programmes have gone on to win industry awards for their innovative use of technology for customer engagement.

The Agenda

10.00 Introductions

10.15 The changing face of technology within local government

10.45 Digital transformation at The London Borough of Enfield

11.15 Break

11:30 Discussing Microsoft Dynamics 365 within local government

12:00 Showcasing Evolve LRG™, the digital platform for local government

13:00 Evolve LRG™ at Westminster City Council

13:30 Networking lunch

14:00 [Optional] Watch the remainder of day 4 of the roses match between Lancashire and Yorkshire

The Location


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