Pythagoras Launches Evolve LRG™

On Wednesday 18th April, Pythagoras held a launch event at the Shard for Evolve LRG, the new platform for digital transformation in local government.

Evolve LRG is a digital platform specifically designed to enable local authorities to drive significant savings while enhancing their customer experience. Built on Dynamics 365, it provides an extendable and futureproof platform for delivering services to citizens via personalised online accounts; automating processes to reduce or remove the need for human intervention; and compiling data from various teams and systems in use throughout the council to better inform decision making.

The launch event was attended by over 50 delegates representing 33 different local authorities. Throughout the day, our audience heard from local authorities who have partnered with Pythagoras for their digital transformation and deployed Evolve as early adopters. We also heard from Sean Green, Chair of SOCITIM London, about the importance of adapting processes to improve customer service and reduce costs, and from Microsoft about their continued investment in delivering functionality to underpin major council services.

“We were thrilled to hear the enthusiasm in the room for Evolve LRG and the clear applications of the platform that were identified by delegates throughout the day. Councils are having to make serious adjustments to how they operate to reduce costs and keep up with the growing demands of their citizens, and we are grateful to Ben and Nadira for sharing the role that Evolve LRG has in their strategy to achieve this.”

Julian Stone, CEO of Pythagoras

The speakers on the day

About Nadira

Nadira is responsible for the delivery of the ICT Service for the council; supporting the business to deliver its key statutory and wider services and facilitating the achievement of the ambitious transformation agenda and service improvement.

Key points discussed

  • The requirement to increase customer service while reducing costs, which led Enfield to embark on arguably the largest investment in ICT by a single local authority.
  • How Enfield restructured the council to provide customer facing, self-service options for their 475+ services based on customer journeys, accessible online 24/7 via the ‘Enfield Connected’ account.
  • The outcomes of the programme of work, including reduced demand in the contact centre and a consolidated assessment hub designed to enable customer self-service.
  • The scale of the transformation: over 475 forms, Benefits Calculator, +50 benefits forms, Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Homelessness, online evidence, data-driven insight through the use of Power BI.
  • The £36 million of savings that have been realised as a result of their digital transformation strategy.
  • Enfield’s recent success at the LGC Awards 2018, winning the award for Driving Efficiency through Technology.

About Ben

Ben has worked within local government for more than 25 years and at Westminster City Council since 1993. As CIO, Ben manages a team of in-house and outsourced IT professionals through an exciting programme of IT transformation and delivery.

Key points discussed

• How Westminster City Council is consolidating and rationalising their traditional core IT estate, while increasing their focus on new, agile IT, including cloud platforms such as Office 365.
• The implementation of Evolve LRG, including Westminster’s new MyAccount and Report-It forms, which are now live on their website for people to log and view updates to cases.
• Integrations with Evolve LRG so far, including their systems for Highways, Environmental Health and Waste.
• The importance of a clear commitment to service improvement and user feedback.
• How the team at Westminster are now able to create, test and publish their own online user journeys using Evolve LRG’s Journey Designer, reducing the ongoing cost of development.
• Westminster’s commitment to following the Evolve LRG roadmap to make use of new features and to consolidate existing digital platforms.

About Sean

Sean has been Chair for SOCITM London for over 2 years, organising and leading an active group of public sector CIO's and Private Sector companies meeting to share insight and knowledge. Sean is also IT Director for a shared service involving City of London Corporation, City of London Police and London Councils.

Key points discussed

• How councils are redesigning for better outcomes, focussing on adopting a customer-first strategy and leveraging data securely and ethically to personalise and improve service.
• The importance of working with others, including other local authorities through shared service agreements, industry experts and partners who can share knowledge and advice based on their experience of addressing similar challenges.

About Robin

Robin has worked for Microsoft in various roles across the business for the past 13 years. As regional sales director for local and regional government, Robin works alongside top strategic accounts across the south of England. His knowledge and understanding of the market enables local authorities to understand how the Microsoft Cloud is aiding digital transformation across the UK.

Key points discussed

• How the Microsoft Cloud Platform delivers an ecosystem of products which use the common data model to provide real intelligence about your customers and your interaction with them.
• Features from Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, including the power to process text and recognise what users want; use speech recognition to identify speakers and understand intent, and understand images and video to identify what is being depicted.
• The continued investment Microsoft is making to further enhance their solutions and develop new functionality which can be leveraged by local authorities.


We’d like to thank everyone who attended the Evolve LRG launch event. For anyone who is interested in discussing how Evolve LRG benefit your particular authority, please get in touch with us at or via