The Evolve LRG Immersion Experience

We’ve created an immersion experience to provide local authorities with a trial Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Evolve LRG environment in which to see the solution in action.

During the engagement you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on exposure to the data model, create services with the journey designer, and have a glimpse of what it’s like to work with Pythagoras as a partner.

Evolve LRG 6 Step Immersion Experience approach

  • Step One:Discovery

    We will spend the day with your stakeholders to understand your digital transformation journey, future aims and any challenges you are currently facing. We’ll ask you to select two services, of a ‘report it/request it’ nature to focus on during the immersion experience.
  • Step Two:Kick Off

    We’ll conduct a kick-off session to introduce Evolve LRG, highlighting key components and discussing its capabilities to create and deploy services quickly and easily. Our consultant will work with you to model the two selected ‘report it/request it’ services.
  • Step Three:Build

    Our team will prepare your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Evolve LRG environment. We will build your two identified services using the journey designer (or tailor a service if it is already available in the Evolve LRG library) to kick-start your immersion experience and illustrate what the tool can achieve.
  • Step Four:Hands-on

    We’ll hold a hands-on session to introduce you to your platform, in which we’ll walk through the system, show how you can create or amend your journeys and answer any questions about the platform and its use.
  • Step Five:Talk Technology

    We will hold a technical workshop as an opportunity for your IT team to take the lid off Evolve LRG and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We’ll cover elements such as cloud computing, web forms, portals and integration to your Line of Business systems.
  • Step Six:Playback

    At the end of your immersion experience we’ll consolidate feedback, services built, and system-generated documented process flows into an outcomes report that you can use to validate the benefits of Evolve LRG. We’ll conclude by discussing the best next steps for wider adoption of the platform.

Why choose the Evolve LRG 6 Step Immersion Experience?

We appreciate that it is a substantial decision to invest in any customer engagement platform, so we have created the Evolve LRG 6 Step Immersion Experience to enable you to see the value of the platform before making a significant upfront investment.