News from the UKAuthority digital transformation event

“Digital transformation is not about a conversion from A-B, it’s about a journey.”
I think the interesting thing about attending an event like today, is that different Public Sector organisations are at different stages of their digital transformation journey; it’s very interesting to see how different organisations address different priorities using the same technologies.
I think it is important that we as suppliers share knowledge, but I think it’s equally important that organisations share knowledge amongst themselves. It is great when we have speakers from a variety of organisations within the public sector; from health, from central government, from local government; all of whom are willing to share the pain that they’ve been through to create change.
Dynamics 365 is an extraordinary platform for digital transformation. Over the years it has evolved, improved and adapted and it now provides a comprehensive range of channels and supported channels for digital transformation engagement (…). As a platform for growth available in the Cloud, it gives true scalability; an exciting journey for the people who are engaged in digital transformation.”

Lee Wise

Head of Marketing | Pythagoras